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Built on excellent talents with years of theoretical and field experiences developed from working at the parent company, Samshin has secured excellent technological power and outstanding expertise in the fields of iron manufacturing, automated facility operation and plant and steel structure construction.

Whilst exerting effort to respond to the diversity of the rapidly changing domestic and international construction markets (operational computerization and construction quality improvement), Samshin is dedicated to becoming a stable and reliable company that leads the industry in the new millennium through the pursuit of responsible and zero-defect construction.

With the parent company specializing in new and renewable energy facilities, Samshin promises to lead energy-saving and future-oriented technologies in the specialty construction business (steel structure) as well as iron manufacturing and automated manufacturing facility areas. At the same time, as a trustworthy partner, Samshin, by ensuring and promoting responsible construction service and customer satisfaction, will provide only the top-quality service for your respective business areas.

Samshin Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Ok-seung